Ayurveda Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes now became a common thing among the modern people all over the world. As per the survey report taken in the year 2015, more than 400 million people have diabetes problem. We will go over the Ayurveda Treatment of the this disease.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes problems are distinguished in multiple types, however the symptoms would be similar in most cases below listed are the few common thing which can be witnessed among the diabetes patients.

  • Increase in thirstiness
  • Excessive Urination
  • Vision getting Blurred
  • Healing process getting delayed on wounds
  • Weight loss

Ayurveda treatment for diabetes

Ayurveda one of the world’s oldest organic or functional method of healing process carried by the peoples of the South Asian country, India. The process of treating diabetes by Ayurveda involves in three steps:

Ayurvedic Dietary

It’s an organic approach to keep human health in balanced level. Herbal and natural diet helps to build a healthy metabolism in the human body, to be frank having a healthy metabolic system will reduce most of the illness from the human body.

The foods under the Ayurveda diet mainly focus on reducing the carbohydrate level and to provide enough nutrients. Moreover, the natural food helps human body to maintain good digestive and excretion system. Having a proper lifestyle with perfect diet will reduce majority of human diseases. In Ayurvedic approach consuming wheat breads, oats and other multigrain breads is highly recommended instead of having white rice, white breads which are normally well known for having rich carbohydrates.

Ayurvedic Workouts

The Ayurvedic workouts like Yoga are the best for the human body to restore its activeness and to stay fit. In fact, people can opt for an early morning brisk walk that helps to be active for the entire day. In the ancient Sanskrit text “The Charaka Samhita” it is clearly mentioned as the healthy lifestyle plays an important role in improving the human immunity system.

Getting regular workouts like normal walking will reduce the insulin storage in the human body. Insulin, one of the human hormones helps to make use of the extracted glucose (sugar) from the carbohydrates of the in-taken foods.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Finally, the Ayurvedic medicine is the highly prescribed one by many medical experts, as it the safe and natural way to reduce  or control  the sugar level in the human body. The treatment process in Ayurveda is systematic and patients will be receiving the treatments Panchakarma and Rasayana therapies after complete analyses.

  • Panchakarma Treatment:

Panchakarma treatment helps to remove the toxic elements from the human body and it has three phases, Pre-purification (Snehapanam, Thalapothichil and Thakradhara), Main purification (Vamanam, Virechanam and Vasti) and Post purification (Rehabilitative measures).

In simple words, Panchakarma is to reverse the negative effects of the modern day lifestyles. In addition to that, Panchakarma includes various therapies like Oil, herbal, fermented liquid and so. The Panchakarma therapy known as the detoxification therapy and purification therapy since it gets rid of the toxic waste from its root from the human body.

  • Rasayana therapy

It is a body nourishing therapy to boost human body and mind to positivity. It consists of oral medicines (Kashayam and Arishtam, lehyams) and the herbal diet regulation process (Raw Vegetables with low sugar) for the human body to get rejuvenated by its own.

Consuming low calorie foods will be more helpful along with the Seeds (bitter gourd, fenugreek), Vegetables (cucumber, onion, and garlic), Fruits (grapes, gooseberry) and dairy products (cottage cheese, curd and butter milk)

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