Common Mistakes Beginners make in Yoga

Yoga not only keeps you fit but holds great importance to our mental well-being. Studies show that most of the beginners make plenty of common mistakes that produce decreased results in the yoga. Let me share some common mistakes people usually make:

Taking yoga training from a wrong trainer

There are many bad yoga schools / centers run by inexperienced staff. People join these classes just because the session are offered at cheaper rates. One should understand that it is not only the price you should consider, but do a thorough research about the same before joining. The best way to find good training centers is to look out for their reputation in the society. You can ask your friends or read reviews on net about the school, also try to research on the tutor before joining the classes.

Being Perfectionist

Yoga is not a type of practice where you need to compete or be perfect as starter, instead always try to relax and do in such we you practice without hurting our body. Beginners in yoga usually try to be perfect in their performance and posture but end up getting  disappointed. Avoiding such mistakes is necessary. A person must realize in the beginning there is a huge difference between their body and others. You will realize this just by looking around in the class while all the training beginners are working on the same pose but behave differently from one another. Yoga requires huge practice. The flexibility of a body can be improved day by day, as it is not something that’ll happen in a single day. Though it will take time, but hard work shall pay off.

Differentiate yourself from others

The beginners at yoga are not alike. They are different and have their own uniqueness in the body. There might be people with high level of flexibility in their upper body while others may have on the lower body. The flexibility of a body changes person to person, doesn’t  matter if you are very athletic or muscular. The flexibility of a body can be increased by practicing. Also, do not equate yourself to others because you might be at perfection in your own way. One has to be very positive about yourself. Thinking negative about yourself will only give you disappointment, while being inspired and gaining motivation from others can lead you to achieve more.

Final words

Yoga is an amazing art to learn. One gets perfect with time, practice and dedication in their own ways. The beginners of yoga generally make mistakes like taking a wrong yoga training just to save your money, trying to be a perfectionist or comparing yourself with others will lead to demotivation. One has to understand that the only solution to success in yoga is the eradication of these common mistakes and keep practicing the postures!

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