Natural ways to treat Depression

The two terms, Anxiety and Depression, have different meanings but are commonly used interchangeably. We often say that we feel depressed which tells us how common the problem has been in today’s fast moving world. According to WHO globally more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression and 1 in 4 individual undergoes clinical depression. Let us talk about the two and find out what can help us get rid of anxiety and depression naturally!

We usually end up moving to doctors who prescribes us medicines but later realize that these medications simply caused side effects rather than curing your primary issue. Why is it so? The antidepressants are an option only when there is nothing to help the patient out and ultimately suffers a mental disorder. However, the medicines one takes to cure anxiety and depression heal you for a limited time by making your brains go numb. Later, the memory back again becomes an irritation ultimately having no effect of the pills for long. Research have shown that these medicines only cause reactions to health and body.

What is Depression and Anxiety

Depression is the excess feeling of sadness, discourage, hopelessness, demotivation, etc. Losing our loved ones, getting kicked out of a job or unpleasant circumstances commonly make us feel depressed. The excess of these feelings when lasts for weeks causes the problem of depression.

Anxiety, on the other hand, is a sense of nervousness, worry, fear, unease about an event’s outcome. A severe anxiety can cause an enormous impact on our mental health in our daily lives.

Both the terms being negatives of a situation are not good for our physical as well as mental health. Let us find out some natural ways to get rid of depression and anxiety ultimately leading to happiness back in life!

Find out the reason

First and foremost, it is imperative to analyze the cause of such disorders. What is making you anxious or depressed? What are the reasons behind the same? An introspection of oneself is tremendously necessary to naturally treat Depression. At times, analyzing the cause of the problem helps you find the ultimate solution. The same happens here. Unless you are very sure about your problem, there can never be a solution. Now read further once you have analyzed the problem.

Write it out

Writing is more effective than thinking or speaking verbally. It helps you get the hurtful things out of your mind. It doesn’t seem like it might happen, right? But do it, and you will indeed feel better. Research show patients have been cured simply using the writing methods.

Stop living someone else’s life

God has given you an independent life. It is meant to be enjoyed and not to say depressed. The life is yours, and it is only you who has chosen to destroy it. Furthermore, it is again just you who can get the happy life back. It is really important to develop courage within you to move on. Live your own dreams rather than living someone else’s. Stop thinking and overthinking. How do get rid of the same? Here’s the next point to tell you!

Make a routine

Write down your everyday routine. Think about what were the things you aimed in life. Building up a structure in life helps us forget the bad things happened for a while which makes us relieved and can ensure that the mental stress is not causing a health issue. Your routine should have enough time for your sleep. Make sure you are having enough sleep as it is the best medicine to heal stress.

Set new goals

While planning your routine, think about what is next. Things that have happened cannot be reversed, but it is true that you have to lead a long life. Set goals that you want to achieve and prepare your schedule accordingly. Start from minuscule goals leading to bigger ones in coming days. Try to smile at least 5 minutes a day.

Surround yourself with positive people

The days passed in depression are more likely the ones you have preferred staying alone. But giving time to yourself will never heal the pain. Get to the outer world and talk to people. Talk to anyone you find. It will help you forget the bad situations and start a new life.


Many studies show a strong belief in God does help relieve your depression by driving away fearful thoughts and replacing with hope & positivity.

Final word

It is only you who has to work on your happiness. The above points mentioned can help you do so. However, life gets you two different choices. It’s either being happy with what you have or being sad with what you do not. The decision is yours. We all face bad things in life, but it is our perspective and choice that makes us move on or stay there. Considering these tips will surely contribute to getting rid of depression and anxiety.

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