How to lose weight effortlessly

It is morose to be fat for there are a number of cons that comply with our big belly. Be it in terms of fashion or our health; fatness is never appreciated. A person with extreme fat has the complex feeling making them think before what they wear. Not just in fashion, it immensely affects your immunity, capacity and health. A person tends to feel tired soon, obesity being the reason that takes his ability to stay long without getting tired. The only solution we find is to start working out, excising  and perform all the tiring activities. These being so tough: we end up doing nothing getting fatter every day. However, this is actually not true! There are a lot of facts you should know that can help you lose weight effortlessly! Let’s find out how:

Eating habits

It’s not about eating less; it’s all about eating more of good! Food effects your weight more than what an exercise can do. Exercise without a proper diet will never help you out lose fat. Do you think fruits and boiled vegetables is all I am talking about? Actually no, there is a lot of stuff, healthy and tasty to add to your diet. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, soup, etc. should be a part of your diet. Moreover, this does not mean you cannot party out, eat and enjoy. But minor changes are necessary. Like we all love pizza, small changes like low-fat cheese, using garlic bread rather than the actual base, etc. helps indeed. Now when you have an ice-cream, adding fruits in the toppings benefits. These minor changes are helpful in reduction of weight without compromising on our favourite food.


When you plan to exercise, it’s not just gyming or heavy exercise required to lose weight. In fact, the actual meaning of exercising is never defined with gyming. It is any physical activity you carry out burning your calories is called exercise. Take your dog out for walk, dancing, working at home like washing your car, having sex, are all deemed to be a part of your exercise. Now that you have understood the meaning of exercise, you’ll love considering it!


A regular walk is a must. Have a brisk walk for 20 to 30 minutes daily and that’ll help you better than working out in the gym. Wondering why so? Walking grants you lose fat permanently. It is not that you leave working out for some days and you would gain it again. Walking in the open, airy environment is good for our health as well as helpful in losing weight. If you feel tired, then walk for 5 minutes and take another 5-minute rest. Repeat the same 4-5 times, and you are done!

Drink water

Staying hydrated again has a significant influence to our health and weight. Drink water before your meals and not immediately after food. You tend to get less hungry ending up eating less at once. Food should be consumed in small quantities at frequent intervals. Drinking water before food helps us do so. Further, water cleans our body inside removing the unwanted waste.

Lifestyle habits

We usually end up meeting our friends in restaurants or meet up for a cup of tea at home. It’s nice to meet frequently with your friends and family, but did you know the same could help you lose weight? Yes, instead of sitting with your friends at one place, move out with them for a walk or enjoy a dance party. It really gets annoying to sit idle after a point of time. Planning this way can add up to the fun you would have with friends. Also, rather than sitting on your couch, go out and keep walking while you talk. It helps!

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