Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples

Having pimples is a common problem among the people that occur due to a number of reasons. I have had really bad experiences with my pimples at one point of time until i started using home remedies to get red of pimples. It would firstly pain really bad and the tattered appearance made me hide my face from people for quite long. But why do these happen? When the oil glands get disease-ridden with the bacteria, the skin gets inflamed that ends up swelling with pus. The primary reasons to why we get pimples are the surplus sebum discharge by the oil glands. Pimples mostly show up on the face which is why we feel quite annoying to have them due to the shabby appearance.

However, pimples are not a big issue that requires substantial treatments from doctors. It is only when there is an excess of the state that one might need to consult a doctor. Doctorpursuit.com however, makes it simpler for victims to consult the doctors online for the same. Let us find out some excellent tips that can be performed at home to get rid of pimples:

Simple ingredients that one may find in their kitchen can help you heal pimples. Ice, toothpaste, Garlic, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon are some of the ingredients used to cure. Let us find them out in detail:

Tea Tree Oil

The oil has inherent antibacterial properties that let you fight the bacteria and cure acne and pimples. It aids you to get freed of the bacteria that harms our skin. In a 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel, add some tea tree oil. Apply the same in the infected area and keep it for 20 minutes. Later rinse it off.


Garlic is an overall solution to a number of problems. It does not stay behind when it comes to pimples. Cut the clove into 2 pieces initially. Then use these bits to rub over your pimples for some time. Wash your face after rubbing. Performing the same numerous times every day will let you heal your pimples instantly.

Important tip: the garlic is good to consume empty stomach every day. There would be no acne or pimples ever as it purifies your blood. However, do not over-consume a lot of garlic as it can upset your stomach.


Lemon juice, as we all know has abundant of Vitamin C content. This helps in drying the pimples faster. All you got to do is soak some cotton in the lemon juice and apply is in the infected area. Make sure you do not use the lemon juice available in bottles. It should be entirely natural and freshly extracted juice. You can also add cinnamon powder into the juice and apply on the face. Leave it overnight and wash your face with lukewarm water the next morning. You will see amazing results. If you find yourself to be uncomfortable for quite some time after applying lemon juice, wash it there and then. Some sensitive skins might hurt, thus avoid the same if it does.


The ice is known to quickly give relief to the burning sensation, redness or the puffiness on the skin. It permits better blood circulation, contraction of skin pores, amputation of dirt and oil present over your skin. Cover the ice in a small cloth and hold it in the affected area for some seconds. Keep repeating the same for a few minutes.


Did you know, if you do not have any of the above ingredients, the best option is to use your toothpaste with which you clean your teeth every day? Moreover, use toothpaste after applying ice for amazing results. Make sure your toothpaste is not a gel toothpaste. Simply take some paste on your finger tip and apply on the pimple area. Leave it for a night, and you would surely feel better.

Acne and Pimples

Be it a pimple or an acne, these remedies work for all. Pimples and Acne can be used interchangeably. Acne is, in fact, a wider term than the pimples, it includes all the skin diseases that emerge due to bacteria, skin oil or shedding of skin cells. A pimple is a symptom of acne. Thus, a cure to pimples is a cure to acne!

Final word

The above-mentioned tips are the easiest and the quickest home remedies to get rid of pimples. Though it seems to be tough and irritating when we have pimples, but taking actions and following them properly will help you cure the problem. Always have a lot of water every day to keep the skin clean and hydrated. So, say bye to pimples and get a clean, bright face now on.

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